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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
25 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

23:40 I really don't want to do this Thanksgiving thing at all #

00:27 Brain is in overdrive tonight and sleep is not happening, I do this to myself, can't block out the bad thoughts at night & upset myself #

18:40 twitpic.com/qxnp5 - Round three, baking success! @toliveri look what I made! #

19:41 Just drove back to my apt (went to Luzerne and back) to make sure I turned off the oven, I did #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
24 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

16:47 I have to go to the grocery store just for lemon juice? I'm sooooo not happy #

17:06 Does cvs have vinegar? #

18:48 I'm coveted in molasses, iPhone has flour on it, it's Ginger Cake time of year! I suppose I should find dinner now #

18:50 Er covered, why can I bake but not cook? #

21:33 Not my best work Ginger cake wise, or maybe I can't taste it all the way because of my cold, but in general I'm sad #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
23 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

17:06 I think I am the only person who is going to the district christmas party alone, anyone want to go with? Damn, this is prom all over again #

19:47 Back room at work less of a nightmare but my shoulder and back hate me now, more than usual, fun #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
22 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

22:35 I deserve this relapse, someday I will learn to take full cycles of meds and not stop when I feel better, took my antibotics today I swear #

22:55 Dizzy from blowing my nose all night, I quit you Saturday, well see if Sunday likes me better #iwhinewhensick #

10:09 Apparently I'm standing in a swine flu shot line this afternoon, expect live twittering and a major freak out because I hate hate hate shots #

13:44 Still can't find glasses, may have to wear harry potter ones as to not kill David and I in the car #

15:48 Family laughed at me for getting the nasal h1n1 vaccine, um option to have no shot, easy choice #

17:39 flipping the mattress a success...well except for that part where it fell on me and I was trapped between it and the box springs. #

17:40 My first thought as I am trying to hold up the mattress with my back, DAMN I wish my phone was closer so I could twitter this #

17:40 Second thought: if it was closer I could probably call for help too if I can't escape. But twitter came first #

17:50 What's the difference between "Moonlight" and "Forever Knight"? Private Eye Vampires huh? Oh wait I watched Forever Knight because I rule #

20:10 According to these family records that were emailed to me my last name is supposed to be " Chruszcz" hey that's even HARDER to spell #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
21 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

23:34 Hw done, 27 mins to spare, go ne. I suppose it didn't need to ve a 7 page lesson plan....oops #

23:35 My iPhone typing skills are lacking tonight, me thinks it's bed time #

23:44 The porch furniture is in the shed, and there is a snow shovel out there instead. I don't want winter! Not at all, want porch weather #

09:58 I offically got over my sinus infection last week, only to get a cold thisweek, cuz it can't be a holiday without me sick #

10:21 Just had a chat with my scale, it told me to go back to only drinking water and to buy a treadmill #

10:53 Lady at chiro keeps yelling owwwwww! But the sign says they will be offering massage therapy in December, sign me up #

10:57 There are a million (10) people here, usually it's just me, this guy bought his wife and three kids #

14:30 My to read pile: Lament, The Season, Leviathan (lib) Sent, and Maze Runner (mine) maze runner first I think excited for all #

16:18 Bought this posture wrap around thing to try and stop my shoulder pain, I look like Deenie #

18:29 Installing windows updates and eating carrot cake icing, I live an exciting life #

21:45 I lost my glasses so I am wearing what I think is my first pair of glasses, from 4th grade. Harry potter would love these things #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
20 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

08:00 Staff put luck breakfast is in one min and I am still in my pjs, not happening, #

17:21 Parkinglot lights! Oh I am sooooo the last teacher here #

20:22 Suppose I should start my hw now, as it is dye at midnight #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
19 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

07:51 Thursdays at work make me a bit twitchy, oh well, bring it! But you know... Bring just a little please #

16:38 Twilight zone day, k student called me weird, and not in a nice way and one k told me his MIA book was in a hidden compartment in my wall #

16:48 My back is so sore that I wanna cry #

16:55 My great plan is to lay in bed with an Ice pack for a whole hour, but will need someone to entertain me... Your it! Feel free to juggle #

17:40 Must stay awake for another 25 mins, think I'm destine for failure, eh the phone will wake me up, night! #

19:13 Dangers of living where you work, dressed down dinner(me in a hoodie and ponytail) surrounded by my students. #

19:16 But their totally thought MY MOM was the teacher they were waving at because she looks teachery, and I...look 12 #

19:17 My mom said it was so strange for her, as a retired teacher to NOT be the one kids wave at #

20:01 Shhh! I am pretty sure this quick fix for my tooth is now broke too and I will have to spend a thousand dollars to fix it for real #

22:04 Fox cut out during Fringe, if lifetime does during Tim Gunn's flip out I'll cry, not that I expect much from this finale sadly #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
18 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

17:30 The parkinglor lights are out this is spooookkkyyy, maybe I should leave work on time #

17:57 I blame @christianwilson for my ordering of Pizza tonight. I actually remembered this after I ordered, wondered why I had pizza on the brain #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
17 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

08:02 I'm still in bed, oops! Going to be a ponytail kind of day #

17:58 Sitting in bed under two blankets wondering what I'll do when it actually gets cold, stop wearing shorts out of the house I guess ;) #

20:10 Just lost everything I typed for the last half hour because I forgot to go into another tab, WAHHHHHH #

20:10 homework fail #

20:34 OMG I sent it and it errored and I lost it AGAIN I WANT TO CRY #

21:47 haven't turned on the TV at all today, actually haven't done much of anything other than HW and eating cheese doodles, I MEAN EXERCISING #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
16 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

14:29 Not feeling the love today, one k girl saw me in the hall yelled at me to get back in my room and I'm not allowed out of the library, um #

16:50 Can't open this soy sause bottle for my recipe, I hate having tiny hands, I'm off to the store to buy easy to open soy sause #

18:19 making rice to go with my honey ( and soy sause) roasted chicken, I really have no idea what I did but it smells like food #

20:00 I love watching the old Grey's on lifetime everyday but so far have refused to watch the new season, orrr last season's finale #

22:26 Either Sadie really hates the sound of the dryer or she meows like this every night and I don't hear her over the fan, hmm bad #

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