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26 September 2010 @ 11:35 am
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I have three pairs of car keys right? Mine I use all the time, my spares and my dad has a pair (may or may not be a valet key)

I lost my main pair, in my apt, I DROVE home so I know I lost them there....or I tossed them out...but there's only like a 15% chance that they are lost forever.

My dad took a fit and told me I needed to order two more keys from
Toyota which would be about 600 dollars. Stupid since I'll probably find my other keys and still have two full sets.

So I hold off.

He, on the other hand, calls some lock smith that doesn't speak English very well, this comes into play later, and the guy says he can make a new key for 160.

Cheapo agrees. The guy comes this
Morning, I get up and find my dad sitting at the table with 4 keys. Apparently he didn't understand what the guy hadn't do to make the keys.

"Okay these two are the only two that will work....these two only unlock the car, won't stArt it....and they had to change
The whole
Computer in the car so when you find your old keys they will no longer work. Do you understand??"

"so, these two keys, the two that already worked are still the only two keys that work? And I just wrote a 160 dollar
Check for 2 keys that won't start my car....."


"and now that my computer changed in the car my remote car starter won't work so i will have to pay like 300 to get that again....and my old keys that I am sure to find, because they have only been lost a week will never work again....."

"I was trying to help and it got more messed up"

"personally I find it almost funny."

"Shut the Hell up!"

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