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29 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

11:59 The broken latch on my laptop....fixed itself, I can't explain that but now it closes again #

13:26 Battery is going on my phobe, battery is going on my gps, should be a fun ride for sure #

13:31 Was that store really called "LOL Candles"? #

14:01 I forgot how carsick I get when I sit in the back, especially on country roads on sunny days, the sun shifting through trees and all that #

18:15 I have the first day of Deer Hunting off tomorrow..I'm so back in NEPA #

18:16 Made a mistake, was only supposed to use the massage pillow for 15 mins at a time, used for 3 hours, and today I feel knives in my back #

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