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26 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

10:31 It's a classic Chrusch Thanksgiving, I'm sick and can't taste the food, jeff is all allergic to the cato, David ma (cont) tl.gd/12i8m #

11:21 David was up, I was the last one downstairs, is this a Thanksgiving twilight zone episode? #

12:40 mom: I need your help with putting the cuisenart together, it says it's sharp and dangerous. Me: you trust me with something dangerous? #

12:40 Mom: No! You are only allowed to READ the direcatiobs! #

12:44 I am trusted to make the mashed potatoes, that's not a danger to a kitchen klutz like me #

14:16 Dinner complete, all but two of us are in nap mode, I'm in read maze runner mode myself #

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