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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
19 August 2014 @ 07:33 pm

And I'm home in Dallas and I can't get my brain to stop. I wish I didn't live alone

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
17 August 2014 @ 06:19 pm
I missed my LJ, I've been using my poor Twitter to vent about venting things, and really...I am too wordy for 140 characters and 2. The poor school librarians I follow and who follow me don't really need to read about random venting things.

Who is still here?
The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
26 September 2010 @ 11:35 am
I have three pairs of car keys right? Mine I use all the time, my spares and my dad has a pair (may or may not be a valet key)

I lost my main pair, in my apt, I DROVE home so I know I lost them there....or I tossed them out...but there's only like a 15% chance that they are lost forever.

My dad took a fit and told me I needed to order two more keys from
Toyota which would be about 600 dollars. Stupid since I'll probably find my other keys and still have two full sets.

So I hold off.

He, on the other hand, calls some lock smith that doesn't speak English very well, this comes into play later, and the guy says he can make a new key for 160.

Cheapo agrees. The guy comes this
Morning, I get up and find my dad sitting at the table with 4 keys. Apparently he didn't understand what the guy hadn't do to make the keys.

"Okay these two are the only two that will work....these two only unlock the car, won't stArt it....and they had to change
The whole
Computer in the car so when you find your old keys they will no longer work. Do you understand??"

"so, these two keys, the two that already worked are still the only two keys that work? And I just wrote a 160 dollar
Check for 2 keys that won't start my car....."


"and now that my computer changed in the car my remote car starter won't work so i will have to pay like 300 to get that again....and my old keys that I am sure to find, because they have only been lost a week will never work again....."

"I was trying to help and it got more messed up"

"personally I find it almost funny."

"Shut the Hell up!"

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
21 February 2010 @ 08:42 pm

Feb 20
Originally uploaded by epbee

Dad is using this picture to blackmail Del. He's mailing it to del saying if he does not bring extra treats next time the pic will be shown to Hedda, Del's Dog. He's signing it Leia and Nittany. My family...

The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
29 December 2009 @ 08:25 pm
My 2009 Reading Log

For 2009, I am keeping an updated reading log on my wordpress blog, hopefully seeing it listed like this will keep me reading this year. Already I am feeling sluggish with my reading goals, so this push will help. I thought I would be trying to read more "adult" books and spread out to nonfiction, but we will have to see, because I do love my YA fantasy books!

I still am using both
Shelfari and Goodreads for fun too, so feel free to add me at any of those sites if you are a member as well.

But keeping the list going on my blog will make it easier to reference on livejournal, and I can list the books more in order this way.
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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
30 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

13:47 Spending my last day of thanksgiving break by eating ice cream for lunch #

17:05 What a lovely day to run errands, new contacts a go, now back in Dallas to clean My apt, fun times #

20:03 sitting on the floor folding clothes, watching netflix on demand, and watching the cat go insane due to the cat nip spray #

20:51 Watch this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bmhjf0rKe8 didn't I just make your life better? #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
29 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

11:59 The broken latch on my laptop....fixed itself, I can't explain that but now it closes again #

13:26 Battery is going on my phobe, battery is going on my gps, should be a fun ride for sure #

13:31 Was that store really called "LOL Candles"? #

14:01 I forgot how carsick I get when I sit in the back, especially on country roads on sunny days, the sun shifting through trees and all that #

18:15 I have the first day of Deer Hunting off tomorrow..I'm so back in NEPA #

18:16 Made a mistake, was only supposed to use the massage pillow for 15 mins at a time, used for 3 hours, and today I feel knives in my back #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
28 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

00:22 Found my glasses, lost my ring, can't win this organizational war #

10:23 This is what I get for telling Vanya last night that "this is the most unsick I've felt".*sneezes* #

12:43 Having a mystery Saturday with Pammers, basically we both suck at decisons and have no idea where we will end up for lunch or after #

19:14 Just ordered a double cheese burger minus the cheese #

19:28 My goal to stay away from the mall area failed very much, but I do have a new neck massager to show for it #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
27 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

23:34 I have a song tune stuck in my head but I have no idea what song it is and it's bugging me very much #

23:43 Mystery solved: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tiDLBzQE2o&feature=youtube_gdata #

06:50 Been up since 5, totally should have went shopping, you know if Black Friday didn't FREAK me out, going back to bed, then online sales #

15:43 What a great day: online shopping, leftovers, shower and changing into pjs for the day, books and netflix, I like today #

17:14 Go Bella, Strike a Pose! tinyurl.com/ylrjb2b yeah this freaks me out just a bit #

19:50 Mom: step on the box, the garbage is already out. Me: (after several attempts to step on box and fail) mom! It's stuck on my foot!!! #

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The Head Harem Swedish Tap Dancer
26 November 2009 @ 10:30 pm

10:31 It's a classic Chrusch Thanksgiving, I'm sick and can't taste the food, jeff is all allergic to the cato, David ma (cont) tl.gd/12i8m #

11:21 David was up, I was the last one downstairs, is this a Thanksgiving twilight zone episode? #

12:40 mom: I need your help with putting the cuisenart together, it says it's sharp and dangerous. Me: you trust me with something dangerous? #

12:40 Mom: No! You are only allowed to READ the direcatiobs! #

12:44 I am trusted to make the mashed potatoes, that's not a danger to a kitchen klutz like me #

14:16 Dinner complete, all but two of us are in nap mode, I'm in read maze runner mode myself #

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